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The Pitt Review

Gordon Brown asked Sir Michael Pitt to carry out a review on the lessons to be learned from  the 2007 floods. Sir Michael’s report was published in June 2008 and the previous Government’s response was published in 2009.

The Flood Prevention Society’s response

 Our Flood Prevention Society along with 760 other contributors sent in recommendations for serious consideration.  They are now all held in the library of the Emergency Planning College at Easingwold, Yorkshire.

A researcher read all 761 recommendations and submissions and said that our recommendations and contribution contained the best information, and that in his opinion the Pitt Review final report is biased in favour of EA policy.

 What we said is included in our statement about his report, and the previous Government’s response to it.

Our full report can be downloaded here.

90% of inland flooding is avoidable!

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picture of flooded land and buildings

Inland flooding is on the increase and has been forecast to reach 4.7 million homes annually.  Yet there has been no national increase in annual rainfall.  Our Full Report explains that the Environment Agency’s (EA’s) flawed policy of not dredging rivers is the main cause.

The crucial cause of increased flooding is explained, and what can be done to prevent it that is cost effective – click Full Report.

The floods have increased since the Government took control of our rivers away from our experienced civil engineers in 1995 and put them under the control of the Environment Agency that was set up to conserve, they direct a flawed policy of slowing rivers down.

 – click Full Report.

Website Purpose

To alert the Government, Councils, Public and the Press to the serious and alarming situation that prevails concerning Flood Prevention.

NB This is a ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ type warning for the future of Britain.

What you can do.

You can make your contribution to flood prevention by lobbying your MP with the advice to Government contained in the conclusion to our full Report.

Fallen tree across river showing river maintenance neglect Flooded house and grounds Mold, the capital town of Flintshire, November 2000 – 360 feet above sea level

Mold, the capital town of Flintshire, November 2000 – 360 feet above sea level.

Courtesy of The Flintshire Leader.

Urban myths

There are some commonly held views on how and  why flooding occurs and how it can be prevented, often advocated by the EA and Natural England. You can read our answers to them here.

If you are a journalist looking for the unbiased factual information on the crucial cause of inland flooding, and why towns are being flooded that are 360 ft above sea level, yet Holland is safer with over 60% of the country being below sea level take a look at our report here.


Flooded house and grounds

Photo courtesy of the Flintshire Leader

Fallen tree - typical of main river neglect by the EA

Are you in an EA designated flood plain?

You could be left without insurance after June 2013 and your property devalued or even un-saleable.

Check the full report for details.