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A voluntary society dedicated to pursuing all avenues of preventing avoidable flooding

Flooded house and grounds Mold, the capital town of Flintshire, November 2000 – 360 feet above sea level Flooded house and grounds Mold Nov 2006. The RNLI team take a break from work rescuing people from the Bridge Inn and surrounding area. (360 feet above sea level).

Urban myths

There are some commonly held views on how and  why flooding occurs and how it can be prevented, often advocated by the EA and Natural England. You can read our answers to them here.

If you are a journalist looking for the unbiased factual information on the crucial cause of inland flooding, and why towns are being flooded that are 360 ft above sea level, yet Holland is safer with over 60% of the country being below sea level take a look at our report here.


Photo courtesy of Flintshire Leader.

The Flood  Prevention  Society

The Flood



How to prevent flooding

Abstract from the Society’s full report:

“RIVERS NEED TO BE PUT UNDER THEIR OWN MINISTRY WITH ABSOLUTE POWER TO GET SURPLUS RAINWATER SAFELY TO THE SEA as they have in Holland then approximately 90% of INLAND FLOODING WOULD BE PREVENTED.  The EA of course would object to this, because to support it for them would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.  More and more of our tax payers’ money that is allocated for flood prevention is being diverted into additional EA employees often with meaningless jobs created with puzzling titles and high salaries to people with ‘micky mouse’ degrees’, creating more bureaucracy.  The experienced river engineers of old spent 30% time on bureaucracy, and 70% on the job.  Now it is the opposite with dredging not allowed to be an option that can be considered.  David Cameron said on an Andrew Marr interview “Government needs to exercise responsibility and have a radical shake up”.  To put rivers under their own Ministry, as in Holland, would be both cost effective, productive and activate the virtual halt to tragedies and the prevention of 90% of inland flooding.  Nowhere in Britain is more than 75 miles from the sea.”

What you can do.

You can make your contribution to flood prevention by lobbying your MP with the advice to Government contained in the conclusion to our full Report.

Peter Brookes/The Times, London, 27/11/2012.